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Covid 19 Update - 23rd September 2020

Dear Friends and Students,

Glenys and myself are both well and keeping fit. We are maintaining our yoga practice.

We jog down to the seafront every other day. Glenys attends her gym and I run along the promenade. We also practice our archery a couple of times a week so keeping busy.

We are selling a kit all of which has been used at the studio for £70. This would enable you to attend classes, taking your own props. To have a home practice and to participate in Zoom lessons should you wish. Note. You can buy these props new online for around £150.

Kind Regards,

Love Alan and Glenys

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Workshops 2016

Glenys and Alan are delighted to present a series of workshops at your Yoga-is Studio. The workshops are being held on Saturday afternoons from 2.00 pm. - 5.00 pm. The cost of each workshop is 25.00. Numbers are restricted in order to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. Book now !

Jan 30th - Oasis of Calm Workshop

Feb27th - Yoga and The Immune System

Specific yoga poses & breathing techniques which will support your immune system.

April 30th - Inversions

From down dog, shoulder balance and more. Participate in all the inversions and explore the different techniques safely.

June 25th Self - Practice

Where, When and How do I go about starting my self - practice?

July 30th Hips, Hamstrings and the History of Warrior poses.

September 24th - Pranayama and Relaxation

An introduction to Pranayama - breath awareness and relaxation techniques, with extended relaxation time.

October 29th - Flow Yoga

Experience a selection of slow flowing sequences co-ordinating breath & movement. Exploration of Haste (hand) Mudras.

November 26th - Restorative yoga

Yoga Therapy uses restorative poses to heal, restore and renew the body the mind and the spirit. We will also have an extended relaxation period

To book your place, phone us on 01843 864532 or email us at info@yoga-is.co.uk.

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