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New Location & Timetable

Yoga-Is have now vacated the Royal Mail premises at the sorting office on Broadway, Broadstairs. We are still continuing to run courses from our new temporary home at Pierremont Hall, High Street, Broadstairs.




Venue: Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs. Please phone 01843 864532 to book your place.

COVID-19: The Covid rule of six applies, five students and one teacher as from 17th May for five weeks.

Costs: 90 minutes class £10.00, Flexicard honoured.

Styles of yoga

There are many different styles of yoga, ranging from very gentle to extremely energetic, and everything in-between. Before you come to a class please read the information on this web-site carefully, and feel free to call us and ask any questions you wish.

'Hatha' is a general term which is used to describe any sort of yoga practice which involves a combination of postures, controlled breathing, and some kind of concentration and relaxation. All classes involve these elements to some extent. Within this general term there are also specific types of yoga which have their own format and are practiced in a particular way. Please read the following class descriptions before deciding which class to come to.

Hatha yoga

These type of classes will involve practicing a combination of postures, breathing and relaxation. They will vary a lot depending on the teacher. Some classes are strong and energetic, others more gentle and relaxing, and some in-between. Please refer to the Class Choices page to check on specific classes.

The Yoga-is studio teaches Hatha Yoga.

Astanga Vinyasa yoga

More conveniently known as Astanga yoga. This is potentially very energetic and physically strong. It originates from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and involves learning a set sequence of postures practiced continuously, combined with controlled breathing. It involves a lot of movement, a fair amount of upper body work and you will get hot and sweaty.

There are 3 types of classes.

  1. Astanga Beginners classes for total beginners to Astanga yoga. You will learn the basic principles of the practice and work your way through some of the sequence. You will look at each posture in the sequence in a lot of detail. The emphasis is on making sure every student understands the basics and is able to practice safely. Suitable for total beginners or for people who have practiced other styles of yoga.
  2. Self-practice classes (also known as Mysore style) - this is the traditional way of learning and practicing Astanga yoga. Each student practices at their own pace and has one-to-one instruction within a class situation. Each student tries to remember as much as possible on their own, with the assistance of a teacher where necessary. If you are a beginner you will be taught a small part of the sequence one-to-one and then attempt to repeat it on your own. These types of classes involve quite a lot of hands-on work from the teacher and also lots of one on one teaching within the class. These classes are suitable for total beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.
  3. Taught classes The whole class is verbally instructed through the sequence. These classes are fairly continuous and are definitely not suitable for beginners. Even if you are experienced in other forms of yoga, you still need to do a beginners course before you attend this type of class.

The Yoga-is Studio offers Dynamic Yoga which is energetic and physically strong. Dynamic yoga involves practicing yoga postures linked into flowing sequences. These sequences are continuous and worked with the breath.

Iyengar Yoga

Originates from B.K.S. Iyengar. It involves qualities of attention and alignment in postures. Postures are held statically for a relatively long period of time and great strength and stamina as well as flexibility can be developed. The use of various props such as blocks, belts, blankets and chairs to support the body are a key feature of this style. Great emphasis is placed on correct and safe positioning of the body, with detailed verbal instruction by the teacher.

Glenys and Alan are both keen practitioners of B.K.S. Iyengar style yoga. They are both greatly influenced by Iyengar so attention is paid to alignment in postures and props are widely used in the students practice and development.

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