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Covid 19 Update - 23rd September 2020

Dear Friends and Students,

Glenys and myself are both well and keeping fit. We are maintaining our yoga practice.

We jog down to the seafront every other day. Glenys attends her gym and I run along the promenade. We also practice our archery a couple of times a week so keeping busy.

We are selling a kit all of which has been used at the studio for £70. This would enable you to attend classes, taking your own props. To have a home practice and to participate in Zoom lessons should you wish. Note. You can buy these props new online for around £150.

Kind Regards,

Love Alan and Glenys

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Paddleboard Yoga



If you can PADDLEBOARD but have no yoga experience, you can develop the basic yoga skills during the winter months. If you are a yogi and want to expand your skills (develop deeper core strength and balance awareness) and have fun on the high seas, you will have to wait till April but you can start to work on the yoga sequences (Paddleboard, flow yoga) that will be used on the paddleboard. We will develop techniques to move into and out of the yoga poses, keeping our weight evenly distributed.

Book a one-to-one or buddy yoga. Contact us to make your booking.

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